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About Kluger Media Group / KMG Impact

Kluger Media Group and through it’s various partnerships, has worked extensively in the pr sector.  Among its efforts: MedHelp;  Event Interface; ShopNBC; Bills.com; Shetler Security; Goe3; Vermaland; The Design Network; Arizona Security Inc.; Cypress Home Care, AirNovo; Flux/gs; Cigar King; CitiesPlanet; Motor Trend TV network, Armedzilla, Tucson Film Festival; Houses Inc.; Upoc Networks; Fingerhut Companies; Sedona Jazz Festival; Federated Direct; Mobilogic; NBC Internet; ProxyMed; CondeNast; MyShoppingCenter.com; the law firms of Greenberg Traurig, LLP, Weinberg/Cummerford Legal Group, Kirsch-Goodwin and Kirsch, and Garrity Graham Favetta & Flynn; StarMedia; BigStar.com; RadioWave.com; Jupiter Communications; and Prodigy Internet.

Founded in 1998, Kluger Media Group Managing Partner, Barry Kluger, previously served as Senior Vice President of Communications for Prodigy Inc. from 1995-1998. He led all communications activities for Prodigy, Inc. and its divisions:  Prodigy Internet, (the consumer online/internet service); Prodigy Solutions (the company's software creation and development division); and Prodigy International (which included Africa OnLine; Prodigy Mexico/Latin and South America, Prodigy China/Asia, Prodigy Europe) and the Company's cellular and Internet businesses. Responsibilities included all corporate communications and public relations, internal communications, shareholder newsletters and pro-social initiatives.  He was a Member of the senior executive team that successfully launched a management-led/investor-backed acquisition of the Company in May, 1996 and went public in 1998.


Prior to Prodigy, Mr. Kluger was the senior communications executive for more than a decade (1985-1995) for MTV Networks, a Viacom Company.  As Senior Vice President, VH1, he directed all public relations and corporate communications activities for the MTVN-owned 24 hour cable network as well as launch pr development of VH1 Europe, which launched in Fall, 1994.  He oversaw all pr strategic planning and activities for programming, marketing, sales, legal, licensing, merchandising, advertising and syndication divisions of the channel and supervised the network's initial entry into interactive technology and new media with launch of VH1 Online on AOL.


While at MTV Networks, he also served as Vice President, Communications, MTV Networks, the ranking senior communications executive and Officer for Viacom's MTV Networks in 1987. He directed all worldwide pr activities for MTV Networks and all of its channels: MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite and VH1.  He oversaw pr efforts for the 1987 launch of MTV Europe. During 1990-1991, he supervised pr efforts and launch of MTV's comedy network, HA!, which merged in 1991 with HBO's Comedy Channel to become Comedy Central.


Earlier in his career, from 1981-1985, Mr. Kluger directed all public relations activities for USA Network, the 24-hour entertainment and sports network.  He oversaw all professional sports league liaison, crisis management, and pr efforts for the legal, marketing, sales, distribution, programming and cause-related divisions of the organization, a joint venture of HBO, Paramount and Universal.


Mr. Kluger also served as Public Relations Senior Account Executive for media publicity and corporate communications for March Five Inc.  His clients included Eastman-Kodak, ABC Television, The Washington Post Company, TV Globo Network of Brazil, National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE), Time, Inc. and Viacom.


From 2005-2009, Mr. Kluger served as Chairman of the Governor’s Film and Television Commission, serving under Governors Janet Napolitano and Jan Brewer. He also was co-chair of the Scottsdale Television Commission. His charitable activities include The MISS Foundation, a global child loss grief organization, where he served as CEO.

Marc Jacobson

Entertainment Lawyer, Strategic Advisor

“Barry Kluger may be the best public relations executive with whom I ever worked. His ability to get the story in the media is outstanding, but what is more remarkable is his ability to have the media report the story the way he wanted it to be reported. While no one can control the press or the media, Barry can influence them to provide the angle on the story that he wants. He is sharp, analytical and effective. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone for any project.”

David Friedensohn

Managing Director at Pellinore Ventures LLC, CEO, Wall Street Transcript

“I have worked with Barry while he was a senior exec at 3 different large media corporations and have been lucky enough to have retained Barry when I have had my own companies. I have both observed and benefitted from his mentorship capabilities. His marketing advisory expertise is, quite simply, an integral part of a successful management team.  Barry's long term strategic thinking enables a company to match its media profile to its key goals. His endless media network permits this message to be broadcast throughout print, television, radio and the Web. This package of instantaneous credibility is unique. Barry is the professional you need to make your marketing positioning work.”

Richy Glassberg

COO at Medialets (Gemstar/TV Guide, Speed Channel, Phas2Media, CNN.com, Turner Broadcasting, MTVN)

Barry Kluger is an anomaly. He is a timeless, innovative, strategic, big company, entrepreneur, visionary communications and marketing expert. He is also a wonderfully human partner who has helped me many times over the last 15 plus years. Barry is a resource that I would like to have by my side all the time. His counsel and guidance truly make businesses better. “

Marshall Cohen

Media and Internet consultant/Private equity executive (Formerly Senior Vice President of AOL Time Warner, Executive Vice President of MTV Networks, Currently, Member, Pilot Group, a private equity firm founded by Bob Pittman.

“I have known Barry Kluger for more than 30 years and have been very impressed with his ability to assess a situation, prepare a strategic plan and execute it, far exceeding a company's expectations. As one of my most senior executives at MTV Networks, a direct report and a collaborator on numerous projects over the years, he has demonstrated a unique ability to quickly understand what needs to be done, to enhance a company's image, positioning and competitive stance, making him one of the most talented communication strategists I have met.”

William Lansing

CEO, Fair Isaac (InfoSpace, ValueVision Media, NBC Internet,General Atlantic Partners, Fingerhut, Federated Direct, General Electric, McKinsey & Co.)

"Barry Kluger is a branding and communications expert. He is a master at strategic positioning and has helped me me steer several companies to leadership positions. His media relationships, coupled with his ability to foresee long-term challenges, have established him as a leader in his field."

Steven Schreibman

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at the Shane Co.

“There is not a crisis he can't manage, not a brow he can't soothe, not a diva he can't charm, not a company headache he can't overcome. Barry is a pro at managing, leading, and winning the press. He did it all at MTV, and continues to work his magic on a variety of important causes. Working with Barry is to trust him, and I couldn't recommend him more.”

J. Mark Hattendorf

Consultant/ Medical Research, Digital Content, Entertainment (Former COO/CFO Sialix Inc., EWI Holdings Inc., Broderbund Software, Acclaim Entertainment, Prodigy Services, Herbalife, Hydril Company)

“Barry has been a friend and confident over the past 20 years. His grasp of managing the media message while utilizing current technologies has been impressive, insightful and greatly appreciated. Of particular interest has been his ability to quickly assimilate the facts and the issues unique to the a particular industry while not losing sight of what is relevant from the media perspective.”

Dean Bender

Principal, Bender/Helper Impact

“Barry is that rare professional who can equally navigate the trenches as well as the C suite. He brings extensive experience in delivering key communications platforms not only for his own critical initiatives but for those wise executives who have benefited from his counsel. I've worked with Barry on a wide range of PR-related activities over the years and he's truly regarded as one of the most dedicated, diligent, creative and comprehensive communications professionals that I have encountered to my 35 years in the business.”


Kluger Media Group, provides strategic branding and public relations positioning to companies in the technology, media, social media, retail, legal, sports and corporate sectors.  With over 35 years as a senior communications executive, Kluger counsels established companies as well as start-ups with positioning statements and provides both short-term and long-term planning.